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Go Fund Me Account for Aaron Tumbaga Forensics Alumni

Good Morning Parents & Alumni,
On June 30th we found out that Aaron Tumbaga, an alumni of the program who graduated in 2013, returned home from work to discover his mother passed out on the floor. He immediately called 911, but unfortunately his mother passed away shortly afterward. Aaron is currently home for summer vacation from Wiley College in Texas, where he is currently in his junior year on a forensics scholarship, and is supposed to be returning to school in the fall. While here Aaron was living with his mother and his autistic younger brother and they are now faced with an extremely difficult situation and in desperate need of our help. I'm asking you to come together with me to help support the Tumbaga family in their time of need. We have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the family. Please show your support by donating at: The signup link is :Click here
The money that we raise will go directly toward assisting the family with funeral expenses and toward helping Aaron and his younger brother find the support services that they will need to move forward. To Aaron and his brother their mother was their entire world and now they need our help. PLEASE help me support these two incredible young men.
For any further information please contact Florence Graham, our Booster President, at: 510-589-3519